Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization or VDI has evolved into more than just desktops in today’s modern workforce. With the explosion of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), end users are pushing the boundaries of how they use and consume technology. The UCX team of desktop virtualization engineers and architects can offer services and solutions centered around virtual desktops and applications from VMware.
Services We Offer:
  • Desktop Virtualization Health Check
  • Horizon View Proof of Concept
  • Horizon View Upgrade/Migration
  • NVIDIA vGPU Deployment
  • Hosted Application Configuration and Deployment
  • Base Image Optimization and Remediation
  • Secure External Access with Load Balancing
  • Endpoint Deployment and Management
  • Horizon Workspace Deployment
  • Single Sign-On Configuration
  • Profile Management and Availability
  • Automated Provisioning Platforms
  • Hybrid Cloud VDI Deployment